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Things have been very busy lately so it have been scarcely with time to update my blog – or produce anything for that matter.
A few weeks ago I finished my 1st year exam at DMJX and are now cleared for my exchange program to RMIT in Melbourne. The case was to create a visual identity for an audiovisual event on Copenhagens history hosted by the Museum Of Copenhagen. Event name, logo, poster, website banner & spot was all part of the assignment.

This is how my spot turned out:

On Tuesday I will be leaving for Australia – looking forward to keeping you guys updated with my progress and work from down there. See ya!

Showreel #1

My first reel! Including some parts of my new and old footage. I struggled a bit to find the right song to give the right feeling, but think the outcome turned out good. As part of my application for 2d and 3d animation courses on my exchange student program to RMIT, I had to put together a reel to apply to these.

Hope you like it! It was fun to make and I am looking forward to making new footage for future reels :)

Stop Motion

Andreas, a classmate of mine, and myself spend a few days making a stop motion sequence with matchsticks and wood. This was my first time off in stop motion and was quite interesting. The effects, look and feeling you can achieve are quite cool and really hard to reproduce in animation software. I’m surely gonna dive in into more stop motion whenever I get the time.. First things first! :)
We painted our piece of wood to use it as greenscreen and added rest of the elements afterwards. The pictures were captured with Canon 1000D and compiled in After Effects. A bit of Vibrance/Saturation adjustments are the only effects added to the original images.

Please enjoy in 720p
Title: Time flies by when you’re having fun 

Motion Graphics: part1

4 short videos created this week in Adobe After Effects as school assignments at Danmarks Mediehøjskole.

Please watch in 720p(HD)

#1 Animation based on a specific part of a song given as assignment. The piece will be piled together with 20 other 10 sec animations for a music video made by every student in class. The music is composed by Carsten Skov for the project.

#2 Animation based on music.

#3 Animation with stroke. Inspired by the movie Drive (a lot!).

#4 Animation done with a single image.

Org. image:

iPhone App Design – Naturstyrelsen

In the past week I have been working on developing a concept and design for a iPhone app for The Danish Ministry of the Environment : Nature Agency. Together with two classmates we decided to design an app that makes it easy for the user to find shelters in the danish forests and nature. There are currently more than 900 shelters in Denmark and varies from small huts for only a few persons to big shelters for more than 20 persons – and they are all free to use.
At the moment there is no easy way to find these shelters. The Nature Agency have an online map of the shelters in Denmark, but it is not very handy and it is not possible to get map directions. The second possibility is to buy the shelter guidebook, but it will cost you 130 kr. – and it’s not digital.

It’s a pity that there aren’t many danes who takes advantage of the possibility of using these shelters and enjoying the lovely nature there is all around us. Maybe it’s because it’s too difficult and time consuming at the moment to locate these shelters – or people are simply not aware of the shelters. We want more people to go outside and experience the fantastic nature we have in Denmark, and we believe that an app that makes it easy and fast to search and locate the shelters can get more people out. Camping out is a great way of experiencing the nature – and it is completely free. What is there not to love?

The design is quite basic and we’ve only had 1 day to execute it due to spending more time on the app functionalities and defining the wireframe. So taking that into consideration I think we managed to make a fine v. 1.0 design :)

A funny and interesting app debut. Surely not the last time I will work on app design..

Logo design & Illustrator

Final project of 2011 was a logo development for GeoCenter Møns Klint. A school project that is. This assignment was the last of four in a two-week module with Adobe Illustrator and logo design. All together four different logo designs came up before deciding to go for the logo beneath. Unfortunately I have no saved dumps of the other logos I tested out to show you. I should be more careful with the empty-trash-click in the future.

The process was fun, stressed and a good learning experience. Future logos I will be creating are definitely not going to be this complex and detailed. At one point I had over 9000 paths going on. Thats just nutty and a whole lotta leafs too! – it just doesn’t cut it if you are to implement this logo at anything where you can’t crank it up in at least 20×20 meter. More or less..

A logo just have to be way more simplified, so I guess that is the main thing I am taking with me from this assignment – and of course being a better user of Illustrator. So many advantages and cool features that Photoshop does not offer. Great discovery!

From the top down – the process with design and choice of color. Last logo is the final.
(Click for larger image)  

Oh, almost forgot. Did a short logo reveal animation as well.

That’s about it for now. Tomorrow will be the first day of school after a long and very enjoyable christmas holiday. Looking forward to getting started again!

Happy New Year! – and may 2012 be the one of love and world peace.


Blog Neglected

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. As a matter of fact I just can’t believe that a month have gone past this quickly. If time keeps moving this fast I’m gonna turn thirty in a blink of an eye, and finish my education in what surely must feel as some kind of world record time. But hey – aren’t people saying that if time feels like it’s passing quick, then you’re either super busy and tied down, – or something interesting and awesome is taking place? True or false, I myself like to think of it that way anyways. In fact school have been super busy, intense, stressed, expressive, interesting and just awesome the past four weeks. So I believe this solves the mystery of this ‘teleport’.

So what have I’ve been up to? Actually I think I will start off with something not school related. I wanted to re-design my website hence I think my former design was way too grungy and “in-your-face” – not pleasant to look at so to speak. I wanted a more subtle look and make the design as minimalistic as possible to enhance the actual content and bring it into focus. Here’s the outcome:

School have offered a great chance to work on many different subjects and assignments the past month such as a photography + Photoshop course, and working on idea development and research interviews. Made a still image film, created a menu folder for a sushi restaurant, done some posters, and having typography, chromatography and drawing lessons. Last thing I did was a presentation on the colour “black” presented pecha kucha style. Here’s a video I did on alopecia, which actually was an offspring idea, developed from an assignment concerning ‘wigs’.

So school is far from boring and I take something with me home everyday from that place. It is very time consuming with very little spare time and can be stressful and tiring at times with many assignments and deadlines, but I really enjoy it and try to take in as much as I can possible holster. I see myself as fortunate to be given this opportunity to learn.

Though school is taking most of my time these days I did had time to make this short movie when I caught the flu and had to stay home anyways.

To finish this entry off I’d like to give a shout-out to one of my favourite spiritual mentors Paolo Coelho and his blog. Check it out for daily word of wisdom. I will leave you with todays entry:

Destroy and rebuild
I am invited to go to Guncan-Gima, the site of a Zen Buddhist temple. When I get there, I am surprised to see that the extraordinarily beautiful building, which is situated in the middle of a vast forest, is right next to a huge piece of waste ground.

I ask what the waste ground is for and the man in charge explains (I can’t verify if it is true, but it must be):

‘That is where we will build the next temple.
‘Every twenty years, we destroy the temple you see before you now and rebuild it again on the site next to it.
‘This means that the monks who have trained as carpenters, stonemasons and architects are always using their practical skills and passing them on to their apprentices.
‘ It also shows them that nothing in this life is eternal and that even temples are in need of constant improvement.’

Todays top5 – inspirational videos

While enjoying a week of relaxing vacation from school, I browsed the web for some inspiration today – nothing in particular, just some neat looking video or something that I didn’t expect. Here’s five I found interesting, or entertaining at least.

Traveling in perfect sync. Wow.

Impressive frame by frame sketch animation – and the song is quite good as well!

Dustin Farrel made this amazing timelapse video capturing our beautiful world in motion. Follow @Dustin_Farrell on Twitter for more eye candy. Remember HD & sound!

Video in motion graphics animated to Trentemøller’s wonderful tune of Miss You – a Danish electronic music producer.

A funny video about creativity.. or not?