Weekly Inspiration #6 – Motion Graphics

Thor | Visual Effects Making Of

http://www.buf.com / @bufvfx

Iris van Herpen Voltage

http://www.renascent.nl / Joost Korngold

FITC Amsterdam 2013 titles

http://www.onesize.nl / @onesize_tweet

Showreel 2013 – Digital Environments / Matte Painting – Concept Art

McDonald’s – Attack

http://www.buck.tv / @buck_tv


Weekly Inspiration #2 – Motion Graphics

Tears Of Oil


Wide Sky Trailer (Game)

http://www.marcuseckert.com / @marcus_eckert


http://www.andreaswannerstedt.se / @Wannerstedt

Behind The Magic: The Visual Effects of “The Avengers”

http://www.ilm.com / @ILMVFX

CGI VFX Showreel – by Tony Zagoraios

http://artonemotion.com / @TonyZagoraios


Weekly Inspiration #1 – Motion Graphics

This will be the first chapter in hopefully many to come where I will share some of the best videos I have stumbled upon during the past week. The selected videos will primarily be on motion graphics, vfx and animation – but inspiration comes from everywhere, so I will keep my eyes open!
Please feel free to comment or share links to your work – or whatever may inspire you out there. Sharing is caring.

Get inspired! Get cracking! Have fun!

http://www.momoco.co.uk / @MomocoLondon

http://www.trizz.tv / @Trizz_Studio

http://www.stashmedia.tv / @stash_magazine

http://www.in60seconds.nl / @in60seconds