Class Showreel

This showreel is a compilation of some work made by my classmates at DMJX.

Hope you enjoy it :)


Weekly Inspiration #3 – Motion Graphics

LVTHN – Hello World / @lvthn

Tiny Story / @sebasandclim

Imagine / @elementza


Dark Motion Therapy / @MikePolizos

YCCA 24-Hour Timelapse

For the 2nd year in a row I participated in the Young Creative Circle Award with my co-pilot, partner in crime and classmate; Jonathan Jungløv.

The experience gained from our first entry previous year made the 24 hour assignment more productive and all-in-all a better experience with a final product we are quite proud of. I will post our work in a later blog entry asap.
After being briefed at the Danish School Of Media and Journalism we went back to our classroom a couple of stories higher to kick-off the assignment. We captured (nearly) non-stop work from 5 pm. Friday to 5pm. Saturday – and from almost 9000 images we made this timelapse.
We will definitely complete our YCCA hat-trick next year. Until then, stay classy Copenhagen.

Weekly Inspiration #1 – Motion Graphics

This will be the first chapter in hopefully many to come where I will share some of the best videos I have stumbled upon during the past week. The selected videos will primarily be on motion graphics, vfx and animation – but inspiration comes from everywhere, so I will keep my eyes open!
Please feel free to comment or share links to your work – or whatever may inspire you out there. Sharing is caring.

Get inspired! Get cracking! Have fun! / @MomocoLondon / @Trizz_Studio / @stash_magazine / @in60seconds

My Australia Travel Photos

I finally got through all my thousands of photos and got them sorted out. All the photos are taken with GoPro Hero2 and no editing have been made. These are some of my favorites. Bon appetit ;)

PS: Next time I will have a video ready for you guys!

Alephtion – My new graphics blog

Alephtion is the name of my new blog. I’ve decided to keep my visual labor and my blogging about all-else separated.
The new blog will be regularly updated with my latest work (or work in progress), and I will tend to use it as my online graphic reference. I will be posting all sorts of work – so do stop by once in a while and check it out. I hope you will enjoy it ;)

Visit Alephtion 

… and by the way!; I will post pictures from my camp trip to Western Victoria last weekend as soon as I got time.


Things have been very busy lately so it have been scarcely with time to update my blog – or produce anything for that matter.
A few weeks ago I finished my 1st year exam at DMJX and are now cleared for my exchange program to RMIT in Melbourne. The case was to create a visual identity for an audiovisual event on Copenhagens history hosted by the Museum Of Copenhagen. Event name, logo, poster, website banner & spot was all part of the assignment.

This is how my spot turned out:

On Tuesday I will be leaving for Australia – looking forward to keeping you guys updated with my progress and work from down there. See ya!

Processing #1

Images made with Processing – creative code. I combined 2 photos in different blend modes and added some  random ‘glitch’ effects overlayed by different patterns.


Original photos used:

If you download Processing (v2.0a5) and copy/paste the code beneath and then changing the “baggrund = loadImage(“pete.jpg”);” & “billede = loadImage(“surf1.jpg”);” with images of your own choice (remember to rename the .jpg and change it in the code), then you can play around with different glitch effects. See which keyboard key’s to use at the bottom of the code.
If you have any questions, then please ask – and I will try my best to come up with an answer (still rookie at processing, only done it for a week or so :)).



int filterStyrke = 2;
float minFarveFuckUpFaktor = 0.8;
float maxFarveFuckUpFaktor = 1.3;
int minForskydHoejde = 3;
int maxForskydHoejde = 18;
int minForskydOffset = -20;
int maxForskydOffset = 30;

color[] farve = {
#543040, #8DABF2, #E01150, #FF563D, #27555C

color[] farve2 = {

color[] farve3 = {
#78BF82, #A4D17C, #CFD96C, #EBD464, #FFD970

int mode =1;
float radius=5;

PImage baggrund;
PImage billede;
void setup() {
baggrund = loadImage(“pete.jpg”);
billede = loadImage(“surf1.jpg”);
size(baggrund.width, baggrund.height);
void draw() {
image(baggrund, 0, 0);
image(billede, 0, 0);
int effekt = (int) pow(2, (int)random(1, 16)); 
blend(baggrund, 0, 0, 800, 600, 0, 0, 800, 600, effekt); 
for (int i = 0; i < filterStyrke; i++) {
int fraLinje = (int) random(min(width, height));
int antalLinjer = (int) random(min(width, height) – fraLinje);
farveFuckUp(fraLinje, antalLinjer);
forskyd(fraLinje, antalLinjer);
if (mode==1) {
for (int x = 0; x < width+100; x += 30) {
for (int y = 0; y < width+100; y += 30) {
fill(farve[(int)random(farve.length)], (int)random(50));
rect (x, y, radius, radius);
fill(farve[(int)random(farve.length)], (int)random(50)); 
else if (mode==2) {
for (int x = 0; x < width+15; x += 20) {
for (int y = 0; y < width+15; y += 20) {
fill(farve2[(int)random(farve2.length)], (int)random(50));
rect (x, y, radius, radius);
fill(farve2[(int)random(farve2.length)], (int)random(50)); 
else if (mode==3) {
for (int x = 0; x < width+20; x += 15) {
for (int y = 0; y < width+20; y += 15) {
fill(farve3[(int)random(farve3.length)], (int)random(50));
rect (x, y, radius, radius);
fill(farve3[(int)random(farve3.length)], (int)random(50)); 
void farveFuckUp(int fraLinje, int antalLinjer) {
float roedFaktor = random(minFarveFuckUpFaktor, maxFarveFuckUpFaktor);
float groenFaktor = random(minFarveFuckUpFaktor, maxFarveFuckUpFaktor);
float blaaFaktor = random(minFarveFuckUpFaktor, maxFarveFuckUpFaktor);
int pixelsStart = fraLinje * width;
int pixelsAntal = antalLinjer * width;
for (int i = pixelsStart; i < pixelsStart + pixelsAntal; i++) {
float roed = red(pixels[i]) * roedFaktor;
float groen = green(pixels[i]) * groenFaktor;
float blaa = blue(pixels[i]) * blaaFaktor;
pixels[i] = color(roed, groen, blaa);
void forskyd(int fraLinje, int antalLinjer) {
int hoejde = (int) random(minForskydHoejde, maxForskydHoejde);
for (int i = fraLinje; i < fraLinje + antalLinjer; i += hoejde) {
int offset = (int) random(minForskydOffset, maxForskydOffset);
fill(10, 10, 50);
copy(0, i, width, hoejde, offset, i, width, hoejde);
void keyPressed() {
if (key == ‘ ‘) redraw();
if (key == ‘1’) mode = 1;
if (key == ‘2’) mode = 2;
if (key == ‘3’) mode = 3;
if (key == ‘r’) radius=random(4, 30);
if (key == ‘s’) save(str(hour()) + str(minute()) + str(second()) + str(millis()) + “.tif”);

New Website Design

So it’s been almost 4 weeks now since my last blog post and the main reason for that is basically that I haven’t really done much visuals in that period. I took a week out on holiday back home with my family in Jutland, and the past 2 weeks we’ve been doing ActionScripting in class – not particular any fancy visuals coming out of that (for the time being at least).
My time for playing around with graphics in my spare time have been somewhat limited due to all the practical preparations regarding my exchange program at RMIT next semester. Application forms, course selections, scholarships, assurances, flat hunting, moving out, financing, packing, selling, flight tickets & my list just keeps on going. But the anticipation of taking off to Australia wouldn’t be near this big if it wasn’t for all the preparations that it do requires, which does emphasize even more the great journey it will be (at least for me) to travel down under for half a year. Can’t wait for 3rd of July :)

I haven’t been completely idle tho’. I’ve been roaming around in After Effects as usual whenever I have a bit of extra time. Also I have begun doing some basic 3D animation and modeling in Maxon Cinema4D and it’s such an awesome software and powerful tool – really excited about learning this program and combining it with After Effects!

To the headline: Yesterday I was fooling around in Photoshop with my “eyes” and think it turned out pretty interesting. For a fairly long time I have wanted to re-design and optimize my website in the direction of being a portfolio site for my work – and being less homepagie. The design is a bit more simple now and more clean to look at in the sense of not distracting the audience from the showcases. Possibly the best thing I did was to actually add my videos from Vimeo instead of YouTube – the Vimeo player is just more sophisticated to look at and less bossy.

Anyways, I hope you like the new look of my website – and please drop in from time to time at for more video uploads :)

Showreel #1

My first reel! Including some parts of my new and old footage. I struggled a bit to find the right song to give the right feeling, but think the outcome turned out good. As part of my application for 2d and 3d animation courses on my exchange student program to RMIT, I had to put together a reel to apply to these.

Hope you like it! It was fun to make and I am looking forward to making new footage for future reels :)