Collecting Resources And Inspiration On The Fly

A few weeks ago I started using reddit. I didn’t know anything about it but I did recognize the blue-alien-like reddit trademark from various other sites but never payed any further attention to it. When you start using reddit and browsing around on the website it can feel a bit daunting seem a bit 90ish, but it works really well when you get used to it.

reddit logo

reddit logo

About a month ago I purchased an iPhone and I have come to fancy it very much as a source of finding inspiration and resources on the fly – anywhere. While I RSS subscribe on cool sites – I like to use Twitter, Flipboard, Zite, Pinterest, Fancy and now reddit app when I’m on the phone – and combining it with Pocket. I think Pocket is a brilliant app for collecting your articles and inspiration in one place and is integrated in over 300 applications. You can install the Pocket on your computer and when you are on the go you can easily save interesting stuff to Pocket – as it is compatible with your Flipboard, Zite, reddit etc. Then it will automatically sync with you latest added feeds when you open Pocket on your Mac and you can see that showreel or epic cinematic on a proper screen.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 3.26.15 PM

Back to reddit. What I think works really great for reddit is the amount of activity (mostly clever) and easy browsing – and it works just like RSS for all the web when you subscribe to a reddit. Content is provided by all users and is user rated – and you can collect reddit karma which symbolizes how good the user has done for the reddit community. It has over 200.000 reddits (/topics) in all kind of forms – like /r/Fitness, /r/Survival, /r/Jobs etc.

On top of scouting the web for the newest motion graphics and tutorials I like to look out for random inspiration as well. Reddit’s like /r/GetMotivated, /r/Productivity, /r/Fitness, /r/LifeProTips has become immediate favorites and I have only recently begun using it. I can see a lot of potential – but also a lot of time being wasted on reddit as you can keep on diving further and further in – so use it wisely! ;)



iPhone App Design – Naturstyrelsen

In the past week I have been working on developing a concept and design for a iPhone app for The Danish Ministry of the Environment : Nature Agency. Together with two classmates we decided to design an app that makes it easy for the user to find shelters in the danish forests and nature. There are currently more than 900 shelters in Denmark and varies from small huts for only a few persons to big shelters for more than 20 persons – and they are all free to use.
At the moment there is no easy way to find these shelters. The Nature Agency have an online map of the shelters in Denmark, but it is not very handy and it is not possible to get map directions. The second possibility is to buy the shelter guidebook, but it will cost you 130 kr. – and it’s not digital.

It’s a pity that there aren’t many danes who takes advantage of the possibility of using these shelters and enjoying the lovely nature there is all around us. Maybe it’s because it’s too difficult and time consuming at the moment to locate these shelters – or people are simply not aware of the shelters. We want more people to go outside and experience the fantastic nature we have in Denmark, and we believe that an app that makes it easy and fast to search and locate the shelters can get more people out. Camping out is a great way of experiencing the nature – and it is completely free. What is there not to love?

The design is quite basic and we’ve only had 1 day to execute it due to spending more time on the app functionalities and defining the wireframe. So taking that into consideration I think we managed to make a fine v. 1.0 design :)

A funny and interesting app debut. Surely not the last time I will work on app design..

Instagram, tutorial & top-tenner

Many people will tell you that their first weapon of choice for shining up and share their iPhone photos quick and neat will be Instagram. No wonder why. This delicious little piece of free app containing 15 different filters can each generate small phenomenon’s for your dreariest pictures on your iPhone, and you can easily share them on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook etc on the go.
Only downside is that at the moment Instagram is only available to iPhone or iPod touch users running iOS 3.1.2 and above. Android & Blackberry users therefore have some goodies to look forward to!
I’ve made a tutorial which quickly takes you through the basic of creating a picture and sharing it.

I’ve been using Instagram for a couple of months now and here’s my top10 snaps so far!

Love, Daniel

Plusgrader udenfor

Ansøgning til Interaktiv Design uddannelsen på Mediehøjskolen i København sendt afsted, og er klar til forprøven på to uger der udsendes d. 28 marts. Bliver spændende at se hvilken designopgave der skal løses – kan ikke vente med at komme igang!

Som en lille forbederelse til optagelsen på Mediehøjskolen, har jeg lavet et lille site i iWeb som jeg vil bruge til at fremvise bl.a. videoer i motion graphics jeg har lavet, samt billeder jeg selv har taget og behandlet i Photoshop. Undersiderne er endnu ikke helt på plads, men designet der er lavet i Photoshop CS5 er stort set som det skal være. Kig forbi et næsten færdigt site:

Vil opfordre venner og familie fra nær og fjern som motionere mere eller mindre, til at få fingre i Endomondo – et fix lille program til din telefon der måler alverdensting på din løbetur, cykeltur, kite surfing-tur, snowbording-tur,.. eller bare, gang-tur. Desuden har man mulighed for at ‘Udfordre’ sine Endomondo venner på flere forskellige måder – eksempelvis flest km. på en måned eller hvem kan løbe 5 km. hurtigst? Det er med til at gøre motionen lidt sjovere når der er lidt konkurrence involveret! For mit vedkommende hjælper det mig derudover til lige at give de sidste 5%, og det er da lidt sjovere at løbe når man samtidig kan konkurrere lidt med vennerne..

I weekenden gik jeg hen og blev lidt småforelsket igen. Jeg genfandt en gammel flamme i Pearl Jam. Er stor fan af Eddie Vedder og hans solo projekt med soundtracket til filmen Into The Wild, men som forsanger i Pearl Jam gør han det nu også ganske godt..! Der er mange at vælge, men prøv at lyt til denne fantastiske sang;