Australia Part #6 – Leaving Melbourne

Hey guys. I haven’t had much the last month since coming back from New Zealand. School’s been insane but Thursday I finally handed in my last project. I think it have gone really well and I’ve learned loads of stuff on this semester – so it has been totally worth it, school wise at least. Looking back on the past 4 months rushing by quickly as ever I do wish I had gotten more time to see more of Melbourne and Victoria – but I get it’s down to priorities I guess.
Nonetheless I now have almost 2 month of traveling ahead of me to catch up on being a tourist and tomorrow I will head out for Canberra and spend a few days there before hitting Sydney and continuing up towards Cairns. I plan to spend as much time offline as possible to get a break from the sci-fi addictive internet life so I won’t promise any blog updates as I go :)

I lost all my footage from New Zealand when my camera was amongst the stuff that I got stolen, so unfortunately I don’t have much to show from that trip. Luckily I still have my GoPro cam and here is a few snaps from the past few days I spend exploring the last parts of Melbourne I wanted to see.

See you back in Denmark the 23rd of December – stay classy ’till then!

One Love,


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