Australia Part #5 – Adelaide


Spring break have been great so far and yesterday I returned from a 5-day timeout trip to Adelaide. The Overland train ride was about 10 hours and it had a beautiful countryside to show off – definitely worth skipping the plane.
Adelaide City architecture has a 60s-70s feeling and vibe to it – not at all like Melbourne which appear much more modern and 21st century-ish. Really charismatic.

Sunday I spend walking around the inner city and some of the older buildings of the South Australian University architecture are great. Its is a lovely city with great park life surrounding the inner city and the River Torrens runs through Adelaide from the coast and inland for about 33 kilometers. It’s a really enjoyable walk along the banks (didn’t went all the way!) and it’s a nice convenient break from the busy city life.

Monday morning I took a train north-west out of the city to Glanville and walked to the sea. It was so refreshing to get out of the city and be by the sea. I walked south all day along the beaches down to Glenelg and from there I took a tram home.

On Tuesday I took a bus eastbound out of the city to Crafers and walked up Mount Loftly which is the highest point around Adelaide (710 m.) From the summit there was a great view of Adelaide and the valleys surrounding the city. I went along one of the many hiking trails down the mountain and walked in to the city. It was beautiful scenery with unspoiled nature, waterfalls and wildlife so close to the city and it was lovely to walk back to my hostel through the suburbs.

Adelaide map

It was enjoyable being on the road again – even though it was only for a few days… More to come soon!


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