Australia Part #4

Finally I could get the time to make a brief update and throw some pictures out there! Things have been real hectic around here lately and it seems rather crazy that I’m almost half way through the semester and project finals coming straight at me with 300 km/h! Things are great – and though there’s tons of school stuff that needs fixing all the time – then I have had a bit of time to enjoy the traveling part of this journey.

So, I’ve been to a three-day camp trip to the Western part of Victoria (the region Melbourne is part of) and saw kangaroos, kangaroos & kangaroos. I also saw a bit of the beautiful “greener”-countryside of Australia, went to some superb winetasting at Seppelt’s, met a lot of (super polite) locals, went to a aboriginal culture center, and got taught a bunch of culture and history of the area (as part of the class trip). I could fit a lot more into that last sentence, but now for the Melbourne part: I’ve been to an AFL game – the thing they call football around these parts. I like the game and it’s like a religion to many people here, but it does not gives them the rights to be calling it football when they are running round with the ball in their hands half the time… Just weird. Not much more exciting adventures to report in at the moment about the life in Melbourne since I pretty much spend time indoor in a 3D world – but life’s good to me and I am absolutely buzzing about being here!

Peace & pictures

<3 Daniel


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