Australia Part #2

Days seems to pass by at double speed in Melbourne. It’s a buzz to be here! I’ve moved into a hostel yesterday hence I haven’t been able to find an accommodation yet. I hope to have something settled in the next few days as my first classes begins tomorrow and it would be nice to have some security on the “home”-front as soon as possible so I can focus on school.
Melbourne is quite expensive – generally about 20-30% more expensive compared to Copenhagen-prices so I might take up a part time job for a few months so I have funds to travel when the semester is finished.
I look forward to starting school tomorrow. It’s gonna be exciting to join a 3D course and learn the Maya software. Hopefully I can get up to speed really quick and create something sick!
There are so many things I would like to see in and about Melbourne and I look forward to getting more time to explore tourist style! Here’s some more photos…


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