iPhone App Design – Naturstyrelsen

In the past week I have been working on developing a concept and design for a iPhone app for The Danish Ministry of the Environment : Nature Agency. Together with two classmates we decided to design an app that makes it easy for the user to find shelters in the danish forests and nature. There are currently more than 900 shelters in Denmark and varies from small huts for only a few persons to big shelters for more than 20 persons – and they are all free to use.
At the moment there is no easy way to find these shelters. The Nature Agency have an online map of the shelters in Denmark, but it is not very handy and it is not possible to get map directions. The second possibility is to buy the shelter guidebook, but it will cost you 130 kr. – and it’s not digital.

It’s a pity that there aren’t many danes who takes advantage of the possibility of using these shelters and enjoying the lovely nature there is all around us. Maybe it’s because it’s too difficult and time consuming at the moment to locate these shelters – or people are simply not aware of the shelters. We want more people to go outside and experience the fantastic nature we have in Denmark, and we believe that an app that makes it easy and fast to search and locate the shelters can get more people out. Camping out is a great way of experiencing the nature – and it is completely free. What is there not to love?

The design is quite basic and we’ve only had 1 day to execute it due to spending more time on the app functionalities and defining the wireframe. So taking that into consideration I think we managed to make a fine v. 1.0 design :)

A funny and interesting app debut. Surely not the last time I will work on app design..


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