Graphical Sun Watch

The 3 visual communication classes (Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Creative Communication)  at DMJX just completed a two week assignment for Copenhagen Metro.

Copenhagen Metro currently have 21 construction sites spread all around Copenhagen due to the expanding of the metro system. All around these building sites is a 5 meter high “fence” which are looking rather dull and is not a very attractive sight in a city view. Copenhagen Metro is therefore looking for some way to make these fences more attractive while the building process is on-going and donated 60.000 DKK to execute our ideas.

The case was to come up with ideas for 3 pre-defined sites.

  1. An 80 x1.75 meter long fence at the Town Hall in the city centrum.
  2. A 40×5 meter meter fence at Metronomen at Frederiksberg
  3. A 16×5 meter fence at Nørrebro Parken.

The first week each of the 16 groups had to come up with 2-3 ideas in total for these 3 sites. After the presentation of the idea the Copenhagen Metro company chose the best idea for each spot and 3 large teams was afterwards selected to complete and execute the winning idea in 5 days.

I decided to join the group for Metronomen at Frederiksberg. The idea was to create a graphical sun watch. The primary idea is to use the position of the wall according to the sun and use the casting of light from the sun to reveal words at different times throughout the day. The words chosen are based on the everyday life on Frederiksberg – a specific area of Copenhagen.

Here’s a 3D animation of the idea. The animation is based on the coordinates of the “fence” according to the sun. At the moment the shadow is reflected on the wall between 8 am to 2 pm. The word TID TIL (“Time to..”) is casted on the wall and after 2 pm is reflected on the ground.

Local newspaper Frederiksberg Bladet brought the story today of our project.

Here’s some pictures of our project. It was a superb week and it was really great for a change to make some “physical”-graphics compared to always creating graphics primarily for screen, and it was an awesome opportunity to team build and work together with students from other classes.

Final art.

Big shout-out & loads of thanks to: Ida Björk, Sara Emilie Spon, Kasper Schou-Jensen, Frederik Elleby Christensen, Rasmus Anker, Nikolaj Stausbøl, Anja Bell, Anna Vester Schaumann, Emil Holm, Ann Juel Nielsen, Christian Riskær, Jenny Selldén, Niklas Antonson & Nicolai Michelsen


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