Logo design & Illustrator

Final project of 2011 was a logo development for GeoCenter Møns Klint. A school project that is. This assignment was the last of four in a two-week module with Adobe Illustrator and logo design. All together four different logo designs came up before deciding to go for the logo beneath. Unfortunately I have no saved dumps of the other logos I tested out to show you. I should be more careful with the empty-trash-click in the future.

The process was fun, stressed and a good learning experience. Future logos I will be creating are definitely not going to be this complex and detailed. At one point I had over 9000 paths going on. Thats just nutty and a whole lotta leafs too! – it just doesn’t cut it if you are to implement this logo at anything where you can’t crank it up in at least 20×20 meter. More or less..

A logo just have to be way more simplified, so I guess that is the main thing I am taking with me from this assignment – and of course being a better user of Illustrator. So many advantages and cool features that Photoshop does not offer. Great discovery!

From the top down – the process with design and choice of color. Last logo is the final.
(Click for larger image)  

Oh, almost forgot. Did a short logo reveal animation as well.

That’s about it for now. Tomorrow will be the first day of school after a long and very enjoyable christmas holiday. Looking forward to getting started again!

Happy New Year! – and may 2012 be the one of love and world peace.



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