My Camino – The Lost Footages

This week I started on a two week photography course in school. When reviewing my photos on my camera’s SD card I stumbled upon 7 short video footages which I haven’t seen before in the bottom of the image folder. I found this quite odd hence my camera cannot capture film and it’s been about 2 years since I lost my pocket cam which only had a basic recording function. At first when viewing the first few videos I could not recall the recordings and it took me a few minuttes to put the puzzle together. It was recordings from my El Camino trip back in 2009! I thought those were lost forever – just like all my original photos which I have somehow lost. I was gutted about the loss back then because of the great experience it was and those amazing scenarios that encapsules you along the good way.

Absolutely thrilled about the discovery I wanted to put these together in a short film even though I only have about 5 minuttes of video footage in rather poor quality. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and enhance the footages – and added some acoustic music by In Flames to bring a bit of pulse to the film.

Anyways, see for yourself – hope you like it.

Buen Camino,


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