Excursion to Den Kgl. Afstøbnings Samling & National Museum

School is off to a great start and loads of new impressions, inspirations and shared wisdom are heading my way. This week the class are introduced to basic composition drawing, trying to align different proportions to one another. It ain’t as easy as it might sound, at least not for me. The last time I drew anything worth mentioning was battleships, fighter jets and UFO’ – in 3rd grade!

Monday we had croquis drawing of a woman (hence no pictures from Monday). Yesterday we went to Den Kgl. Afstøbnings Samling holding hundreds and hundreds of copies of original sculptures stretching from the time of the ancient Greeks and Roman Empire up to the 19th century. Today we visited The National Museum – the largest museum of cultural history in Denmark. Here you’ll find the history of the Danes right up to the present day – and you can get around the world from Greenland to South America. Marvelous stuff they got there – and it’s free! So have a go if you find yourself with a few hours (or many!) in Copenhagen.
Here’s a few clicks from the last few days.
Maybe some day I’ll even add some of my so called “drawings” – but for the time being I’ll spare you the pain.


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