So what summer’s up?

Well, I didn’t manage to get an apartment from 1st of July as I had hoped for. So that’s where friends comes into the picture! Capture their couch, keep your head down and cross your fingers they’re softhearted enough to let you stick around for the time being. Shout outs to Ben & P.

So that’s what I did most of July – amongst finishing up my job as Concept Assistant at for 20 months. Highlight of July was without any comparison the wedding of my very good friend Klaus & his childhood love Susanne. It was held in lovely familiar surroundings back in Jutland on a warm, shiny & perfect summer day. I do not think that day could have turned out any better than it did and I am so happy for both of them. Thanks for a great party!

1st of August I finally struck luck and got myself an apartment – or big room if you like, – located on the top floor of a villa house somewhere in Copenhagen. It’s pretty much set now, just need the last few details like getting a TV and some kind of living room furniture’s, and maybe even some plants – so much space to fill!

Last week I called timeout and jumped on a last minute flight to Zakynthos, Greece. Sure was nice to relax all day on the beach in 42 degrees and enjoying a few nights out with the local beer Mythos. I went out trekking in the nearest mountains a couple of days I was there, but in that heat you better have a big ass cowboy hat for shade and plenty of water! A well needed break.
Here’s a few pictures I took – click to enlarge.


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