Week through a lens

This week has gone fairly quick. I think it’s down to plenty of work combined with what feels like an extra full-time job looking for a new apartment. Haven’t struck luck yet but I’m confident I will find a new roof to put over my heard before next Friday. If not I might take on a bit of couch surfing or camping out most of July.

I’ve resigned from my current job and my last day at the office will be the 26th of July. Afterwards I will be spending a few days back home in Struer with my dear family before attending a wedding of some good friends of mine back in Jutland as well.

Hopefully my apartment situation is sorted out by August and I am planning on taking a few weeks off to see a bit of the world before my studies starts off at the end of August. It’s been far to long since I’ve put on the backpack and I need to get a break & some nice fresh air away from Denmark before taking on the education. Need my batteries fully charged! I haven’t decided my destination yet – but I do fancy the thought of traveling Mexico for about three weeks, or getting out the trekking gear and experience the western highlands of Scotland. Something I’ve thought of for a few years now.

The past week I have come to know Instagram – a small handy app for smartphones to shine up your pictures a bit. Here’s a few photos I’ve captured the past week with my iPhone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week also brought some sadness with it hence it claimed the life of Ryan Dunn on Monday the 20th – a jackass I’ve always loved to watch on telly & laugh at for the past decade. Rest In Peace random hero – hope you are bringing a bit of odd- and freshness to the table wherever you may be now.

Ryan Dunn - June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011


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